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SEA OF DUST: horror at it's best

Sea_Of_Dust_EdwardXYoung_BloodyDoc_174 I've never been a fan of horror, but I've always loved a movie that makes me think, while it entertains, and that’s what SEA OF DUST does.

I went to Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival (RIIFF) this weekend in Providence to see the movie; RIIFF is one of the most prominent international horror film festivals in this country. SEA OF DUST was selected as the featured film for premiere screening. And after seeing it, I can see why it’s drawing so much attention.

Because the movie is an homage to Hammer Horror Films of the 1960's (including the likes of Ingrid Pitt as Anna – one of the best known actresses of this genre), this stylistic film has elements that are often lost in contemporary horror.

Yes, it has the expected gore necessary for its classification, but it also in brings the humor and sophistication of Hammer Horror.  The beautiful women (Darby Lynn Totten, Suzi Lorraine, Sarah Dauber,) and gory special effects (Josh Turi), bring to this film the sexual ingredient that makes those old British horror films so fun to watch.

Director and writer Scott Bunt, through his script and direction has created characters that are driven to face moral and social issues that are relevant to current events of our time Yet, he does so without losing the endearing humorous aspect of this genre of horror. Thus making the magnitude these struggles more accessible to the audience.

L_1d446bb0525cb932d5c88af8fb22f516 The movie immediately brings you it to a confusing, intriguing, and powerful world (or should I say worlds). From the fear filled fleeing of a beautiful innocent woman; to the struggle of “the good guys” Doctor Maitland (Edward X. Young), Professor Sorel (Bill Timoney); to the unexpected temporal traversing of the young hero Stefan Christoph (Troy Holland) through different worlds, the audience is drawn in.

With unexpected turns of events and circumstances, the viewer fights, along with the characters, to understand what the next best step would be to tackle the pull to the evil-side, lead by Prester John (played by none other than the "King of Splatter" -- Tom Savini).

SEA OF DUST is an experience worth having, bringing you to places that are both visually astonishing and frighteningly seductive.

The eerie musical score (Jasper Drew), beautiful costumes (Joanne Haas), and stunning cinematography (Brian Fass), make for an integrated visual and visceral experience. SEA OF DUST is not at all the typical horror experience, which is what makes it so exceptional.

If you are a Horror Movie Fan, especially a Hammer Horror Fan...that likes a good think with your scare…this is the movie for you. 

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