Red Says: quirky quotable (#6)
Red Says: quirky quotable (#7)

And the winner is . . . (Me!)

Gold_2 Winning is one thing but looking your best at the Oscars is the requirement. No one made a fashion error this year - especially Me!

Other_3 At my Oscars I won for Best Actress, Best Blog and Best Dressed. . .


Movies are magic!

I love that each year we honor all those who are involved in this world of wonders.

Many or us who are not on the red carpet for all to see, create our own with friends and family to celebrate our achievements.

But the I think Forest Whitaker's speech hit it on the head and used his win at the Oscars to honor that which I believe is the most important part of the human experience: Connecting.Moulinrouge_2

Movies help people connect with themselves and with each other.
What could be better than that?

Go to CK's Blog to view Forest's entire speech (video and text).


David Reich

Yes, movies are magic.

When TV first came on the scene, there was talk of how movies would disappear. Who would go pay for a movie when you can see entertainment for free at home?

Yet, after 60-odd years of TV, movies are still there- strong as ever. There is a certain magic about sitting in a darkened theater and watching a story unfold on a giant screen. Even with the big-screen TVs now available, that magic just doesn't seem to be there in your living room, den or bedroom. (Well. magic in the bedroom is the subject for another blog, I'm sure.)

So, hooray for Hollywood. And good for you, Red, for having your own red carpet and not being afraid to walk down it.


Thanks David!
Red carpet to you too ; )



Wise words. No doubt you'll be picking up your own statuette at the Kodak Theater someday.

P.S. The magic wand photo is stunning! More bare midriff photos, please.


Why thank you Mr. CastingGuy. Glad you liked it! ; )

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