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Feel Your Way

Feelings_1 I feel my way through life and love. And, because I don’t censor it or mute the experience, I feel deep sorrow and great joy. This is what makes my life so abounding and my journey so exciting.

It’s truly an adventure when you just move forward without a map and simply see where the life takes you. And if I really pay attention to all the lessons of my heart, being the emotional person that I am, I will get closer and closer to that wonder I seek and I will never miss a moment of my life.

It’s exhausting to experience life and love fully and it’s much more work than just settling for less. But I’m driven to have it all. I believe I can -- in all areas of life.

Feelings are passion and life is a passionate experience if you really let yourself live it. It means that when I’m afraid I cannot turn away or crawl into a hole to hide. It means I have to keep going, believing and striving to be honest, authentic and direct in all my interactions with myself and with others.

I get my information from my emotions. When I don’t feel right I’m not living truly by my code: "Be Honesty, Authentic and Direct."

There will be no compromising. I will continue to feel my way in this "rational" world.

I am determined. 


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