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Let's Dance: It's the Bloggers Ball

Bloggersball_3Everyday, people ask me what I'm going to do for fun, because I have such an exciting life. And this past Friday was a thrill!

'Virtually' the best time ever, I spent time partying for real with other bloggers.

That's right, I had the honor of being invited to the Bloggers Ball. Never heard of it? Well, check this out: The Divine CK, the hostess with the mostest (she also hosts a fantastic book club) set up a gathering in NYC for Bloggers from across America to meet, hang out, talk, eat, drink and learn new things.

Pictured here we see the divine CK, the amazing David Reich, the hot Mark Goren, the beautiful Valeria Maltoni, the sweet Matt Dickman and, of course, me (wearing the stunning jewelry from  the accessory queen  Lori Magno). Also in attendance were these other cool bloggers:  David Berkowitz, Marianne RichmondMegan Garnhum, Toby Bloomberg, Lori Magno, Elana Centor, C.B., Whittemore, Fard Johnmar, and the Blog Squad Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman. I certainly can't forget my great new friend, Alex Geana who I had a gay old time with. 

Matt Dickman twittered all night while he filled our bellies with sake, David Reich practiced his new texting skills and Marianne Richmond promised to stayed up all night so she wouldn't over-sleep and miss her flight.Dancers_silhouette_5


The interesting thing about the Bloggers Ball was that, technically, there was no dancing. 

Maybe next time!


David Reich

You were the life of the party Red. I've texted the world about it and you.

PS. Amazing is good, thank you. Is it better than Hot? Just curious.

Mark Goren

Hey, "hot" over "sweet". I'll take it! Eh Matt?

Great meeting you, Red. The Amazing David is right, you were TLOTP.

Valeria Maltoni

You were by far the most glamorous, no doubt about it. Ah, the tango! Good meeting you.


Of superior taste I say: Matt, Mark and David all qualify as hot.

But Valeria and Lori are hotter ;-).

C.B. Whittemore

Red, it was wonderful meeting you. I can't wait for the next Blogger Ball!


Guys, guys calm down. I think you're all wonderful.

I just love it when men fight over my praises!

Next time we definitely must Tango and if anyone has a song request, I could serenade you on my blog before the next party!

Red ; )


Next time we do the blogger tango! Great to meet CK's diva cuz .. and a wonderful time was had by all .. Cha Cha Cha!

Lori Magno

Rebecca - that necklace is a triumph on you! Brava missy!

I invite you all to Boston for the next Blogger Ball (and Bowling) Event!

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