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Life is Magical

Bluewand_3 I have been blessed with a charmed life - I really believe that all my experiences have given me the opportunity to confirm what I already know . . . which is: life is magical.

There are precious gifts in each moment, relationship and experience.

Even though I've been through unthinkable tragedies, suffered great sacrifice, encountered terrific loss, dashed dreams and a broken heart (many times over), I wouldn’t change anything in my life for anything. These rich experiences have taught me great lessons and given me the gift of appreciation for the marvels, joy and triumphs that I have been granted.

My life journey has brought me to a place of wonder and awe. I believe that everything works out. . . so it does.

There is magic everywhere, if I only pay attention.

I'm kinda busy . . . it's Fleet Week

Sailor_red_2 Don't expect that I'll be blogging much this weekend . . . It's FLEET WEEK!! 

Yes, that's right, nearly 3000 sailors descended upon my fair City this week, so I have a lot of ground to cover before it's over.

It is my duty as a true American, and a dedicated tart, to do my part to support our boys.Me_and_my_sailors_3

I do so love men in uniform (and out of uniform.)

Hey Sailor, is that your ship or are you just happy to see me?

Finding Heaven. . .

Big2_3 The most poignant lessons I’ve learned in life have come from the relationships I’ve had. All relationships, yes, but most powerfully from my relationships with men.

Because the greatest insights, the most challenging struggles and the most impassioned encounters have been in my romances. It’s the matters of the heart that have impacted me most deeply.

I am the truest of true, die-hard, hopeless romantic.

I believe that love conquers all and that love is an indefinable, beautiful magic that lives in everyone.

I believe that love crosses all boundaries – time and space.  And that it is a force that cannot be contained. . .

I also believe that too often we don’t allow love to BE -- we try to manipulate it or cover it or something -- because  it is so powerful we're afraid it can consume us. 

But, would that really be so bad? What are we afraid of?

I am determined not to be . . . afraid.

I have a (wide) open heart, and because of this, many times I get hurt – but I never stop believing. My open-hearted nature is one quality which I have been blessed with. A quality that I wouldn’t change. Even if I could. It allows me to feel truly alive and experience life profoundly. 

I think this is why my life is so rich. Because I believe in love and I take risks over and over again. Not making the same mistakes – but always being willing to open myself up to the possibility of heartbreak.

Because in taking that risk . . .I just might find heaven.