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June 2007


Within the last 2 years, I became a Mac convert (100%, BTW) and have been extremely pleased, not only with the products, but with the exemplary customer service... until yesterday when AppleCare didn't seem to Care (sigh). Here's the deal:

After a call to AppleCare Tech Support. I received an email from Apple to fill out a 3d_apple_logo_102customer satisfaction survey:
The first question:
"Was your issue resolved?"
The answer (surprisingly):
A resounding "NO!"

I love Apple and have always been more than satisfied with the care with which they treat their customers. So I was shocked, to say the least, that my concern was not addressed at all. . . This is the polar opposite of the experience I had when I went to the Apple Store and talk to a Mac Genius,  Ryan, at The Genius Bar at the Fifth Avenue Store in NYC. He not only took extra time and special care to insure that he answered all my questions and concerns but did so with every other customer who came in during his shift. And he insured that all my concerns were addressed before he ended our session (I observed this same care by other Mac Geniuses with their customers as well.)

But, because it's not always convenient (quite often not) for me to drag my computer, my hard drive(s), cables etc. down to the Genius Bar AND I do have AppleCare coverage. I thought that my needs would be better served by calling Apple Tech Support. . . how wrong I was. I spoke with "Alex" who told me he was in the Philippines and had to repeatedly explain my issues for which I never got any help.

My issue was not resolved during the call because the AppleCare Tech Representative never answered my question before the call ABRUPTLY ended at 9pm EST (the exact moment when Apple Support hours stop). I felt that he should have completed the call -- even if that meant calling me back to insure that the issue was resolved before the call was considered finished. I'm very disappointed in Apple's customer support and appalled that Apple would allow their customers to be treated with such disregard.

My Question to you, APPLE, is: "Are you going to get back to me in order to resolve this issue?" I hope so, but I shouldn't -- nor do I have the time -- to wait and see.

So now -- at 4am -- because AppleCare telephone support so failed me, I'm packing up all my stuff up to drag down to the store to get the help I pay Apple to recieve in the convenience  of my own home.


I don't like that one bad experience is making my Apple SOUR. Suggestions?

It's Never Over. . .

Jason_5 Everyday I see Jason,
exactly like this.

Now, he never changes;
he never ages;
but most importantly,
he never leaves me. . .

even given the fact that
he left this world behind
(far, far too soon)
on June 11, 2000.

It is with great tenderness that I think of him and wish with all my heart he was not just a memory in my everyday experience of life.

At times I feel him near -- but no matter how I try -- I cannot hold and touch and laugh with him still. . .

I miss that.

Relationship Math

Balancethumb_2 I don't know about you, but I start to feel encumbered when a man is more enamored with me than I am with him. And yet, there is something quite appealing about someone being smitten with you -- don't you think?

Even when your feelings aren't reciprocal, it's easy to be enticed by someone who finds you enchanting. But all too often it becomes -- well -- captivating. And I don't like feeling caged.

When I'm seduced by another's infatuation with me (because it make me feel so special), but I don't have the same intensity about them, I start feeling edgy. All too quickly -- it starts to feel like he wants to change me, and he does want me to change . . . my feelings towards him. I start to feel obligated to try to have special feelings, even if it's not true or even possible.

One thing I know for myself is that when I start to feel anxious in a relationship, it’s usually because I’m not being true to my own experience of that relationship.  This is a sign that it’s time to let it go. (I believe this principal holds true for all relationships -- not just romance.)

For me, it usually starts by making a list of all his great qualities - justifying why I'm still spending time with a guy who is clearly a mismatch for me. And as a result I find myself ignoring the here and now and missing my life. We all know how well that works. . .  it's a dead end. I've found that it's better to cut your losses, call it a day, and thank him for all the nice things he did and said.

When I try to balance the good against bad on the allegorical "relationship spreadsheet" - well, I always come up short. Because, as I'm doing this, I'm already not in it... I'm already gone.

I believe that relationships are a celebration of who we are with others. They should never be about changing the other person -- if they are then the relationship is with someone who doesn’t exist.

It all boils down to a simple equation, when you start weighing the pros and cons. . . it' time to go. If it was right and true you wouldn't be spending time doing the math, you'd be spending the time delighting in the wonder of the people you are together.Blackboard_math_2

So remember this formula: 

Pros x Cons = Goodbye.