Dancing with the (Oscar) Stars - Part 1
It's not THE Carpet...without Red!

Dancing With The (Oscar) Stars - Part 2

John Stewart and I are still dancing with Oscar, and I continue Dancing With The Stars for the award in our next category.


As you know from my previous post, the Oscar nominees have decided to increase their chances of winning by entering into a Dance-off. And who are they dancing with? Me, of course.

So...The Final Category is: 

Best Dance Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role:

And the Nominees are (in order of their appearance - in the video below)...

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VIGGO MORTENSEN, Eastern Promises 
GEORGE CLOONEY, Michael Clayton

JOHNNY DEPP, Sweeney Todd
TOMMY LEE JONES, In the Valley of Elah

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, There Will Be Blood


Don't forget to cast your vote in a comment below for "Best Leading Actor Dancing with Red."

Because, remember, in Red's World, YOU are the Academy!

Up next, on OSCAR Night, we'll announce the WINNERS for Best Actors Dancers with Red (Both Supporting Actor and Leading Actor Categories).

John Stewart and I are standing by for your vote.

You won't want to miss the excitement...

So please, stay tuned to Red's World.  


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