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No Excuses for Old Men

No_country So I've looked long and hard and I can't seem to find one review for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN that isn't raving about how amazing it is.

I mean we all know that it won the Oscar for Best Picture, and we know that Javier is an excellent dancer...but did anyone see the movie I saw?

It was long, slow, uninteresting and meaningless. I suppose if you like that sort of thing, then watching this movie is a great way to spend your time.

I really tried to love it and I even watched it again after it won the Oscar, but I still couldn't love it or even care enough to hate it - I was indifferent to it. It didn't enhance my life, challenge me to think in a new way, entertain me or impact me at all. But with it winning the Oscar, I've started to wonder if I'm missing something that is so obvious to others.

Or is it the "bandwagon mentality" that occurs when a movie wins an award which make everyone speak highly of it? - No, that can't be it because critics were raving about it long before the Oscars. So what am I missing? I don't get it?

True, men with guns are sexy and tossing coins is a good way to make decisions, I don't deny these facts. But there was no seeming point to it and no character that I cared about in the story. So how does that make for a great movie? (I will admit that it was fun, after the movie to talk with my friend about some invisible meaning of the characters names and the dream, but that's not worth an Oscar in my opinion.)

So, please tell me, what is there to love about this movie? Or is it so "artistic" that it's not supposed to be understandable by the average viewer. Look, it was filled with great actors and, of course, "the enigmatic Coen brothers" so there's no excuse for it not to be a moving experience?  But it wasn't.

See, the thing is, I didn't hate the movie, I was just bored by it. And worst of all it didn't even put me to sleep.

I go to the movies to be entertained, to be moved but this movie did neither for me.

P.S. And another thing, how is Javier Bardem a Supporting Actor...such as the movie was, he carried it, yes? Doesn't he deserve a Leading Actor credit?

Dancing With The (Oscar) Stars - Part 2

John Stewart and I are still dancing with Oscar, and I continue Dancing With The Stars for the award in our next category.


As you know from my previous post, the Oscar nominees have decided to increase their chances of winning by entering into a Dance-off. And who are they dancing with? Me, of course.

So...The Final Category is: 

Best Dance Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role:

And the Nominees are (in order of their appearance - in the video below)...

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VIGGO MORTENSEN, Eastern Promises 
GEORGE CLOONEY, Michael Clayton

JOHNNY DEPP, Sweeney Todd
TOMMY LEE JONES, In the Valley of Elah

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, There Will Be Blood


Don't forget to cast your vote in a comment below for "Best Leading Actor Dancing with Red."

Because, remember, in Red's World, YOU are the Academy!

Up next, on OSCAR Night, we'll announce the WINNERS for Best Actors Dancers with Red (Both Supporting Actor and Leading Actor Categories).

John Stewart and I are standing by for your vote.

You won't want to miss the excitement...

So please, stay tuned to Red's World.  

Dancing with the (Oscar) Stars - Part 1

So Oscar Night is coming up fast, and with the Writer's Strike ending, I have a feeling it's going to be the biggest awards bash of the year!!

As a matter of fact, The Academy asked  me  to Co-Host with John Stewart,  so we're dancing our way to the Oscars together!John_oscar_and_red_3

Because Dancing With The Stars has become such a hit. Many of the nominees have decided to increase their chances of winning an Oscar by entering into a Dance-off with others in their category.  Lucky for me, I'm a fantastic dancer... So I'll be partnering up with each of them for a dance to help decide the vote.

The First Category is: 

Best Dance Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role.

And the Nominees are (drum role please)...


JAVIER BARDEMNo Country For Old Men

CASEY AFFLECK,  The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 
HAL HOLBROOK,  Into the Wild

TOM WILKINSON,  Michael Clayton

You can participate by watching the video and picking your favorite for Best Supporting Actor Dancing with Red. Because in Red's World, YOU are the Academy!

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Cast your vote in a comment below then John Stewart and I will tally them up.

And Stay Tuned to Red's World - We have the "Best Leading Actor Dancing Dancing with Red" Category...coming up next!

And after that we'll announce the winners for both Categories "Supporting Actor and Leading Actor Dancing with Red"  on OSCAR NIGHT.