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A TALE OF TWO CITIES: A Magical Musical

ATOTC Thank God, Charles Dickens and Jill Santoriello for finally getting a magical, dramatic, tender yet powerful, life-changing musical back on the Broadway stage. It’s been far, far too long that we (the musical theatre loving audience) have been waiting for a story to move us as A TALE OF TWO CITIES does.

From the first stirring swells of the orchestra, to the sweet sound of stunning voices, coupled with the creative set (Tony Walton), lighting (Richard Pilbrow) and costumes (David Zinn), this musical is what Broadway is supposed to be. Story-Kiss

We go to Broadway to be swept away to a place that we cannot go without the magic of  theatre. And this show does exactly that. It's a story about love; true, unselfish, love. Yes, there is romance and passion in every word, look and movement. But beyond that, there is a remarkable blend of suffering and salvation reflected in the familiarity of these characters, superbly expressed through music.  

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Yes, just like everyone else, I’d heard the scathing reviews. And upon hearing this I immediately decided that A TALE OF TWO CITIES was a must see. I never trust the critics. I trust the audience (and my gut).

 Even Richard Ouzounian in his bitter review of the show stated, "The audience stood and cheered at the preview I attended. Some even wept." See, the audience loves the show – it’s only a few, people – unfortunately those with the pen – that didn’t get it. (I often wonder why – but “the psychology of the critic" is a topic for another blog post.)

Creative-Main  All too often, because too many listen to those that are paid to comment on art (rather than those that pay to see a performance), shows suffer and close before their time. And I’m afraid that because of a few cruel and inaccurate assessment of this beautiful story in song, this masterpiece could be driven out of the theatre. So I felt compelled to bring it your attention and ask you to make the choice yourself. Go ahead and see good theatre against the critics advice. With our purchasing power we can buy the ticket that will keep shows like this open and keep Broadway alive.

CriticsThe irony I found in many of the initial reviews, was that they complained that one of the show's major flaws was a similarity to Les Miz. But Les Miz – unarguably the best musical in its genre – changed the nature of Musical Theatre. So to be a musical worthy of such a comparison, speaks volumes to the brilliance of A TALE OF TWO CITIES. In my opinion this is one of the highest complements one can be given when creating an Epic dramatic musical. The fact that Broadway finally has another musical of this nature is reason enough to go running to the theatre to see it.

{Footnote: Les Miz initially received scathing reviews in most of the London papers, but within days of the opening, audiences spread the word and ticket sales sky-rocketed, and it played to sold-out houses from then on. – In my estimation, A TALE OF TWO CITiES audiences will do the same for this show.}

Story-StageBefore I went, I was warned that it was "long" although, surprisingly it didn't feel long at all; I could have sat through hours more of this magnificent production. Before I went, I knew that costumes would be beautiful and the show would be a spectacle (it is an Epic musical, after all, it is based on the Charles Dickens book). And if those were reasons enough to see it – the critics’ attempts to shut it down is the clincher.

This is an event that should not be passed over or slip away.

It celebrates the best and the worst of the human condition. It not only portrays inner struggles of one man but it inspires. Because it expresses the power of making life-changing choices as a result of our connections to those we love, A TALE OF TWO CITES is more than just a Broadway show, it’s an poignant and thrilling experience.

Until Tomorrow

 Go see the greatest musical on Broadway today. A TALE OF TWO CITIES, it's amazing!



I went to see Tale back in September the 13th. I love it and the music is just amazing. It is what the mega musical is all about. So glad its back!!!!

You will be so glad you did.

Natalie Toro's voice will make you want to stand and join the fight while the love story is encircled with the Revolution. James Barbour is breath taking as Sydney the one character in the book that I just didn't get. However, his voice just makes you fall in love and I kid you not even men where crying when he gives his life for Charles. Oh and the Marquis was booed at his curtain. He is truly played evil.

GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hooray, another fan moved my TALE enough to write about it.

I can't wait to until I can go see it again!


All the things you mentioned are exactly why I loved this musical. I saw it while on vacation in NYC, and extended my trip another day to see it a second time. I'm planning another trip to NY over Thanksgiving and hope to see it again.

I am, like you, one of those people who thrills at sweeping stories of love and sacrifice, be it books, movies or the stage. I enjoy a comedy as much as the next person, but the memory fades as soon as the show is over. Stories such as Tale get inside your heart and stay with you long after the curtain has fallen. I still get goosebumps remembering Sydney ascending that staircase at the end, uttering those famous words as the music swells to its climax. Powerful, life-changing art, that's what it is. There really ought to be more of it.

Rae Abrams

My husband and I have seen "A Tale of Two Cities" five times.
The story, lyrics and music are incredible. It is a powerful, epic musical that deserves many accolades. I hope people go see it and realize that it deserves a long term place on Broadway.


Carol and Rea:
It's so heart warming that others see the magic that I see in this musical.
I'm hopeful that with our enthusiasm, others will be encouraged to see it and experience the wonder as well.
Thanks for your comments!

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