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Red Says: quirky quotable (#45)

Time and Time again

Time. It’s a concept that permeates all our experiences. Shades our thinking and colors every event.

We organize our lives around it.

In time, everything passes and then we are left with memories. Memories may be timeless, but they’re shaped by time. We remember the same thing in different ways at different points in our lives. So, time colors our recollections.

The construct of time is so much a part of our language and thoughts that we’re often oblivious to its power:

Time changes everything Hourglass
Take your time
Time’s up
Give it time
Time to go
How much time left
Time out
It’s a matter of time
Do you have the time?
It all in the timing
Doing time
Time heals all wounds
Time marches on
No time like the present
Spare some time
Time’s a-wasting
Time to kill
Make the time
Time flies
Good Times
Saving time

Time is a paradox; we control what we do with our time but we have no control over its passage. We have all the time in the world, yet we never seem to have enough of it.

Its value is determined by how we spend it.


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