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Star Trek: now and then

Warning: Spoilers below...


I admit that when I first heard that Star Trek was coming out with a Prequel I was afraid that even with J.J. Abrams direction, they could not capture the spirit of the original show or the characters, without the original cast. (Which would be impossible now that many are no longer with us.) So I thought it would, well, suck. 

I admit, I was wrong.

2startrek460As a matter of fact, I took my time to go and see this movie, but when did I saw it in style at the IMAX theatre. I was excited to see what they came up with, being limited by the magnitude of the impact of the original series on television and on pop culture. Plus, they had the fan base to contend with; those loyalist and Trek Freaks that hang on every potential inconsistency. But writers: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman found their way around it while still having sensitivity to the truths of the Star Trek Universe. 

They not only created a movie that was consistent with the essence of the Star Trek's original series by paralleling current times, in a future setting. But they also successfully created a story line that is wide open to infinite unknown future adventures by creating a new time-line. So now, for these new Star Trek stars playing classic Star Trek characters anything is possible. Because they did what Star Trek is famous for, incorporating current issues into the plot line, they were able to spark a connection with a new generation of fans that may never have been exposed to the original series.Star-trek

As far as the characters I felt all but one did justice to the originals. The only one that I felt failed at this was the role of Chekov. In the original series Walter Koenig was a hottie, I understand that all the girls wanted him. In the movie, Chekov was played by a boyish, Anton Yelchin, who just didn't cut it for me. I don't blame him, I blame casting. He simply wasn't right for the role. 

But those who really did a stellar job in recreating the characters were, of course: Zachary Quinto as Spock, Karl Urban as Bones, and Simon Pegg as Scotty.

Chris Pine as Kirk didn't suck either and following William Shatner is no easy task since Shatner is so associated with that role. I was, however, disappointed that they didn't do the quintessential Kirk thing of having his shirt ripped off Ripped_shirt2during hand to hand combat. There were enough fights in the movie, they certainly could have fit that in! But never the less, all these new Star Trek Stars are certainly cuties!  

Zachary Quinto excelled in creating a young believable Spock. This is impressive not only because of the magnitude of the role and the specificity necessary to create such a character, but because Leonard Nimoy, (the original Spock) was also in the movie playing an older version of the same. They even had scenes together, upping the anty for all to draw comparisons.

But was my favorite was Karl Urban as the lovable Bones, because I believe he did  DeForest Kelley proud (if only De was still here to appreciate it). Deforest Kelley was the only actor in the original cast who was truly satisfied with Star Trek as his claim to fame. Enjoying and appreciating every moment of work and acknowledgment he gained from it. Knowing this, make the fact that the spirit of the character,  which De originally created with love, was honored so truly in this movie warms my heart.

TREK Tribbles online - Credit Paramount Domestic Television

The only think that could have made it better would be more tribbles!!



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