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Red Says: quirkey quotable (#54)

Pay Attention!

Sunrise_illustration I’m a girl and I like boys. . . but I need attention if I’m going to stay interested.

It seems that at the beginning of every romance boys put a lot of effort into getting a girl's attention -- so what happens?  And what exactly makes them think that, after a time, they can stop with the attention seeking behavior, the romantic gestures, AND still keep me interested?

Simply telling me that I’m important is not enough.

Like all girls, I need to be shown how important I am to him through actions. Otherwise, boys, we girls get bored. And when I'm bored I lose interest.

Guys, I am a romantic but you won't keep me (or keep me interested), just because I like you.

If you want to have my attention, you'll have to work at keeping mine.


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