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October 2009

Chicken Little may be right

So sometime today (October 9, 2009), between the 9:00am and Noon (Eastern Time) America is bombing the moon. It's some sort of search for water, it's a scientific discovery, it's about exploration ...but I'm stuck on - we're bombing the moon.

Anyway, i thought I should give you a "heads up" as the fall-out (literally what and how far it will fall from the sky) is unknown. As are the specifics of the impact of the bombing the on the orbits of the moon or earth or the sun or the universe or the solar system. And honestly, I don't know enough about it to know more than, well, it's quite an undertaking and the potential effects (good or bad) are yet to be determined... I guess you can watch the coverage and see.

But, just in case Chicken Little was right and the sky is falling...I wanted to take a moment to say, thanks for reading my blog!