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Red's 2009 Year in Review

Well, it's New Year's Eve - that day of the year that we all review what we've done, learned, accomplished in the past year. And when we celebrate the new. It's a time of reflection and a time to set goals for the upcoming year. 

Thinking redhead And as I review, I've become abundantly aware that I have so many posts that I wrote in 2009 which I never published, for reasons that were primarily selfish...I wasn't ready to share these lessons or I was afraid that they would be taken out of context and thus, misunderstood. But, since I'm not one to be ruled by my fears or be overly concerned when others think of me; and although I know that some will use what I write to make judgments -- sometimes not-so-nice judgments and sometimes inaccurate judgments about me -- one of my Resolutions for 2010 is to publish these bits of wisdom. Important lessons for limitless living that I learned through the most magical and tragic year that I've been privileged to live through so far. So, even though 2009 is coming to an end, the lessons of this past year are still alive and well (as are all the possibilities that I imagined). These will continue to influence me and (perhaps) you too. So there is something amazing from this past year that created something to look forward to in 2010 -- great posts!

But for today...I'm simply going to list some of the wonders of this past year and when I'm done with that I'll list my hopes for the future.
Red's 2009 Highlights 
  1. True love exists.
  2. Magic is real.
  3. Loneliness hurts.
  4. Creativity is grounding.
  5. Vulnerability is scary.
  6. Family is good.
  7. People love even when it doesn't make sense.
  8. Fear makes us do irrational things.
  9. Death is hard.
  10. Ignoring the truth doesn't make it false.
  11. Life can be funny
  12. Clever can be intimidating.
  13. Openness creates endless possibilities.
  14. Singing, is always a good thing to do.
  15. Forgetting about something is not the same as forgetting. 
  16. Life is a paradox 
  17. It sucks to live with regret  
  18. The impossible is possible 
  19. Giving my heart away is for keeps. I can't get it back. 
  20. Being loved and cherished in return, changes how the world looks 
  21. There are some things that words cannot express

I've learned that I know so much more than I thought I knew and I know so much less than I knew I thought. 

As for 2010
  1. I will never settle 
  2. I will not pretend
  3. I will know the difference between love, sex and intimacy
  4. I will still believe that anything is possible and I can have everything
  5. I will be open
  6. I will wait
  7. I will create
  8. I will wear more mini-skirts
  9. I will cry
  10. I will laugh
  11. I will stay awake when I want to sleep
  12. I will play hard 
  13. I will grow my red hair
  14. I will let my scars be part of me 
  15. I will have fun 
  16. I will let life take me wherever it does, without fear or regret. 
  17. I will sing
  18. I will struggle with difficulties in a new way 
  19. I will fight for what's right
  20. I will never give up 
  21. And I will keep believing in love; a love that changes everything   
And above all, I will continue to be fearless.

Those who impacted me the most this past year, may never see this post. But if you do (where ever you may be), know you are always with me, in my heart. Know that you have made an impact that has shaken me to the core. And I'm grateful.

May the New Year bring New Possibilities!


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