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Winning Hearts, Minds and Medals at the 2010 Olympics

Red and Johnny Weir win hearts, minds and medals at the 2010 Olympics with thier stunning performance of "Fire and Ice" in the New Figure Skating event: The Perfection Skate Competition.

Fire and Ice

When Johnny Weir was scandalously underscored for his brilliant performance of "Fallen Angel" in the Men's Figure Skating Competition (putting him in 6th place for that event), something unexpected occured. Never discouraged, Johnny spontaneously decided to partner with Red for in a combination that was spell binding. JohnnyWeir

Thier chemistry, freedom and magic was palpable as they skated their way to Gold, being the first American skating pair to win in Perfection Skating.





The new Olympic Event came into being,spontaneously, as a result of audience demands for perfection on ice.


And who better to embody the essence of this sport than these two representatives of perfection? Judges and audience alike, were mesmerized by Red and Johnny in every way.

It appears that these two shining stars were destined for Gold. 


David Reich

You failed to mention that Johnny and Red (sorry, Red and Johnny)were almost disqualified for a wardrobe error. This would have been especially awkward for Red, who previously had a successful career in film and theater costuming.

Thankfully, the judges opted to overlook the mismatched leggings Red wore. They may have been distracted by Johnny's outfit.


Thanks for your job. I love your blog.


Thanks you...more good stuff to come!

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