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Sometimes I can still here him laugh. Sometimes I still talk to him, sharing my news and mulling over struggles in my life. When I'm uncertain about something, I ask him what to do. I know that he understands me, wants me happy and knows me. And talking to him gives me some peace when I don't have any.

But I miss being able to laugh with him. And hear his voice. And touch him. And dance with him. Even though he's always with me, he always just out of reach...and always will be.



My dear sweet Jason, passed away 10 years ago today. And although I've become accustom to him being gone...he has never left me.

Over this past decade, I've seen him, heard him, felt him move through the room - but still I miss him, every day. And every day I wish I had just 5 more moments to share with him the way we could before he died.

If I had those 5 moments -- I would thank him, and laugh with him, and cry with him, and kiss him. So I do that now in the only way I can...with my heart and my remembrances of him.  

Jason Nabeta will live forever in my memory and in my heart.

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hazel a.

Hi there. Jason Nabeta was my best friend in University. I found your blog when I googled him today. I sometimes look for him online - I know it sounds weird, but its my way of "keeping in touch". When he moved away to New York, I missed out on a lot of his life there. He was a brother to me, someone I could rely on when things got tough. I have family and friends in New York, its my second time I visit New York would you be interested in meeting up and getting to know each other? I think he would like that :)


I would love to meet up with you when you come to NYC next time. Please let me know! I know Jason would love it if he can bring two of his friends together!

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