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Fixing Fate

There are some things that we cannot stop. Sometimes we try to slow destiny because we have the illusion that if we do certain things in a certain way we can control the outcome. 

But I've found that sometimes life events occurs that we have nothing to do with - because we do not live in a vacuum. There are always others involved and we do not get to choose their impact on us or ours on them.

We all have a part in creating our own fate.

If we pay attention to our gut and our hearts, and are true, the information is there.

When we step lightly in an attempt to secure that we don't lose something, we forget that in not being truthful to ourselves, we are not being truthful to others. And whatever we're trying not to lose with our caution is already lost in the saving of it. 

We may have something that looks like it's right but, looks can be deceiving... and shallow. Dig deeper. Perhaps you've already lost what you feared you'd lose; or already gained what you've only hoped. Check your radar. 

Life doesn't go the way we want it, but we always have a voice about how we participate.   

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