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Feature-Length Screenplay "NOTHING TO LOSE": Golden Brad Awards semi-finalist


THE GOLDEN BRAD AWARDS was formed to discover and promote new writing talent, in order to make Hollywood more accessible. They connect writers with producers, literary managers and agents. Their focus is finding and promoting producible, winning screenplays and getting that material to companies who have the power and connections to make something happen. 

Because I wanted to -  and because I was inspired by true events - I wrote the feature-length screenplay called NOTHING TO LOSE. This past month THE GOLDE BRAD AWARDS (Movie Script Competition) recognized my efforts and awarded my screenplay, "NOTHING TO LOSE", the honer of being one of the Top Drama Scripts for 2010. 

"NOTHING TO LOSE" is a story of transformation. Trials can become triumphs if we keep an open mind to the opportunities that life puts in front of us. And since I believe in life without limits, this subject matter seemed especially suited for me to write on...may it be produced into a film someday soon!! 

Script synopsis: 
When successful psychotherapist, and loving step-mother, Robin Wilson's husband announces that he is in love with another woman, Robin's life is thrown into a tailspin. Faced with the truth about her marriage, instead of feeling sorry for herself Robin decides to re-invent herself, moving to New York City with the intention of making it as an actress. 
A fish out of water, Robin encounters many challenges along the way as she struggles to create a new life for herself far from the comfort of her suburban existence. "NOTHING TO LOSE" proves that it is never to late to make your dreams come true. 

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