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The AUDELCO Awards: I pick Jay Ward in "Cool Blues"

Back in March, I wrote a review encouraging those who could to see "Cool Blues," a play written by Bill Harris about alto saxophonist Charlie Parker in 1955, to go see it. Produced at The New Federal Theatre in New York City, the most moving aspect of this play for me was watching Jay Ward's performance as Kid Welpool. Ward_Jay_Legit-long

Apparently, I'm not the only one who noticed his talent. On Enchanted Tickets Review of "Cool Blues," Jay Ward was noted for his skillful rendition of an addict settling into madness. I'm please to let you know that his performance has now earned him a well deserved nomination for Best Supporting Actor by the AUDELCO Award. AUDELCO

AUDELCO, the Audience Development Committee, Inc., was established in 1973 by the late Vivian Robinson to honor excellence in New York Afican American Theatre through presentation of Vivan Robinson/AUDELCO Recognition Awards (aka Viv awards). The awards were created to promote "recognition, understanding and awareness of the arts in the African-American community".

Congratulations Jay Ward!

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