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New Years = New Dreams

Red ToastI raise my glass in a toast to 2012 and to the New Year making its way around the world, as I write. In Sydney, after a difficult 2011, this coming year has been deemed "a time to dream." For me, this theme rings true.

When I review the accomplishments of my life, as I do each year, I'm astonished and grateful for my good fortune. For the most part, I have had the freedom and the opportunity to do most everything I've ever wanted. I've tried nearly everything I've dreamed of, and lived in nearly every location that I've desired to.

I attribute my success, not only to the fact that I've been blessed with a charmed life, but also to the fact that I've never allowed circumstances to limit me. Despite any obsitcles, I maintain my belief in magic and trust that I can have, or do, anything. Fear has not held me back from any endeavor, no matter how unlikely it is to be a success. Sidney

For the first time in many years, I have spent some serious time considering what I want to gain in the year ahead. So, rather than simply making my usual resolutions - to wear more mini-skirts or to celebrate the fun of living with more vigor - this year, my New Years Resolution includes taking on the challenge of fulfilling certain dreams for myself. My list is short, but important. What's on the list is not what makes it significant. My attitude that life will not be ordinary, is what makes it so.

I resolve that 2012 is the year that I will do all the things that I've always wanted to, but never have. I do this because life is a gift that is not trivial. This year, I am determined to live each day as if it's the only day I have. Life is too short to let it be routine. Each moment is too precious to set aside the things that matter.

As a reward for living as if my life and my wishes are of the most monumental concern, I've been surrounded by magical and amazing people that never falter. 

2012, here I come! This year I will fly; I will soar; I will run; I will roar. Watch me live!! Nyeballfinal

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Red's Flying Sled: A Christmas Adventure

Dear Fans,

This year for Christmas, I have something really special for you. A video game that you can play on your computer, starring me!! (This game is not yet optimized for tables or smart phones.)

Sounds fun, right?

Below is the embed for the video game. If the graphics are washed out, try a different browser. If you want to see the entire game without having to scroll at the bottom go to: Red's Flying Sled: A Christmas Adventure.

Enjoy playing with Red and have a very Merry Christmas!



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Bonnie and Clyde win hearts on Broadway

Bonnie and ClydeI admit I'm a sucker for a good love story, especially one that lives out of bounds and thrives against all odds. The romance of Bonnie and Clyde is a timeless and epic love story that has captured the imagination of our nation for over half a century.

Take that and put it to music and what do you get? In this case, a production that magnificently expresses the story of the romance, danger, risk-taking, wonder and hope of the legend of Bonnie and Clyde.

Although known outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde have always been seen as heroes and celebrities. This production emphasizes that element of their story. Through this show you come to understand, on a gut level, that the reason for Bonnie and Clyde's success was their love for one another. Together they were able to rise above what they had, and where they came from, to make a life for themselves that was beyond anything they would have had separately.

Click here to view Bonnie and Clyde Broadway Musical Trailer on Youtube.

Bonnie and Clyde's inability to live without one another is expressed exquisitely, not only through the music by Frank Wildhorn with lyrics by Don Black (which is beautifully written and preformed), it is also expressed through Jeremy Jordon and Laurie Osnes' embodiment of these two lover through their physical and emotional interactions with each other. The music, harmonies and vocal performances of the score create a world in which you feel a part of this love and desire, not an observer of it.

Jeremy Jordon and Laurie Osnes sweep you off your feet, convincingly recreating the intense connection of these two characters. From the moment they first meet the chemistry between them is real and palpable. There is not a moment where you doubt their desire, tenderness and need for each other. Because there is no holding back in the very physical connection of Bonnie and Clyde (and by physical, I mean PDA relationship on the stage), the touching and kissing has the potential to be awkward or too explicit. But it never becomes either because Jeremy and Laurie's performance is so pure that the tender devotion which underpins the physical is always evident when they touch.Bonnie-and-clydeThe BONNIE AND CLYDE Broadway Musical works because, as an audience member, you feel like you are let inside their world and allowed to go along for the ride with them. Bonnie and Clyde seem like your friends, not criminals, creating empathy for their plight in life and admiration for their tenacity. They never give up, even when everything seems to work against them. And even when you know that they won't live forever, you route for them to make it through anyway. From beginning to end, you never feel like an outsider looking in - you feel like a part of the it all. 

Don't miss Bonnie and Clyde on Broadway

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