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Red ToastI raise my glass in a toast to 2012 and to the New Year making its way around the world, as I write. In Sydney, after a difficult 2011, this coming year has been deemed "a time to dream." For me, this theme rings true.

When I review the accomplishments of my life, as I do each year, I'm astonished and grateful for my good fortune. For the most part, I have had the freedom and the opportunity to do most everything I've ever wanted. I've tried nearly everything I've dreamed of, and lived in nearly every location that I've desired to.

I attribute my success, not only to the fact that I've been blessed with a charmed life, but also to the fact that I've never allowed circumstances to limit me. Despite any obsitcles, I maintain my belief in magic and trust that I can have, or do, anything. Fear has not held me back from any endeavor, no matter how unlikely it is to be a success. Sidney

For the first time in many years, I have spent some serious time considering what I want to gain in the year ahead. So, rather than simply making my usual resolutions - to wear more mini-skirts or to celebrate the fun of living with more vigor - this year, my New Years Resolution includes taking on the challenge of fulfilling certain dreams for myself. My list is short, but important. What's on the list is not what makes it significant. My attitude that life will not be ordinary, is what makes it so.

I resolve that 2012 is the year that I will do all the things that I've always wanted to, but never have. I do this because life is a gift that is not trivial. This year, I am determined to live each day as if it's the only day I have. Life is too short to let it be routine. Each moment is too precious to set aside the things that matter.

As a reward for living as if my life and my wishes are of the most monumental concern, I've been surrounded by magical and amazing people that never falter. 

2012, here I come! This year I will fly; I will soar; I will run; I will roar. Watch me live!! Nyeballfinal

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