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Billy Crystal Wins the Oscars

I really enjoyed the Oscars this year...mostly because Billy Crystal is a phenomenal host! It's his ninth time doing it, and he most definitely wins for the lifetime achievement of Best Oscar Host Ever!

Watch the opening film portion for the 84th Oscar Awards. It only got better from here...

Indeed, my favorite line from his opening monologue was, "Nothing takes the sting out of a recession like watching millionaires present each other with gold statues." It's funny because it's true!!

Thanks Billy for making the Oscars shine! In honor of you're great work, I'm awarding you with your very own Oscar from me!!

BS Oscars copy BillyCrystal-Oscar_resized





He's hard to give up...but you, Billy, deserve him more than I do this time!

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David Reich

I agree... Billy Crystal did a great job as Oscars host, despite what some pundits are saying.

Coincidentally, I just saw an interview he did last fall with David Steinberg on the new Comedy Conversations on cable. He talked about how challenging the Oscars hosting job is, and how it took months to prepare for that one night. He said he got tired of it, feeling he had done all he could do with it. This was taped before he got picked to replace Eddie Murphy.

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