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Fleet Week Fun in NYC!

DSCN0536No one will ever have a better Fleet Week than NYC...ask any of my Sailor "friends" and the Marines I spent last evening with, playing "let's trade hats" all night long. And, of course doing Picklebacks, my new favorite drink!

The most fun part of my night "On The Town" was that within an hour of being out at Times Square hunting for some Fleet Week fun, I was kissed by two (maybe's so hard to keep track) men in uniform and asked to join in a threesome (don't ask don't tell - yes two men on one me). Unfortunately, one of these lovely men decided that he should take my camera and delete photos he thought were incriminating, forfeiting any chance of any further fun with me...and insuring that my blog remained family friendly (sorta).DSCN0541

Seriously, no one can say that these fine men don't deserve every bit of graciousness and love we can give them. I think of it as supporting our troops! Watch Video for a little taste of Fleet Week fun with Red!!!

Do like I do and love our men in uniform. Support those who risk their lives to keep our country safe. God Bless America and Fleet Week!!


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