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Hello Fans,

I've been MIA from my blog for a while now. But now,  with all  this time at home during the Corona Virus Pandemic, I thought maybe I'd do a little blogging again. For now, I'll start with a video song I made to inspire during this weird and difficult time!!

**This video is dedicated to all of the Front Line Workers who risk their lives every day & fight to keep us all safe and well. 


Cougar the Musical: fun, sexy and entertaining

I went to see Cougar The Musical at St. Luke's Theatre this afternoon, and it was simply delightful!

Cougar the Musical

What fun! I love a show that celebrates women's sexuality, especially when the women are experienced in life.

Each Cougar in the show goes on a journey that includes encounters with young pups and discovering love along the way. And I'm not necessarily talking about love of their partners, but of love of self, acceptance of sexual prowess as a part of who they are, and a love of life with all it's infinite possibilities.

This fun romp, filled with song, dance and humor (where age is never an issue where love is concerned or when it comes to hooking up for some fun), plays on Saturdays at 2PM in New York at the St. Luke's Theater.

Cougar the Musical is a celebration of life and women who refuse to stop living it... even as they get older!!

Get your tickets here.


It's Awards Season....Who chooses the Winners?

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 9.57.05 PMIt's Awards Season and we all want to know who's who: Who wins and who are the decision makers in this magical world of the movies.

This year it all started on January 8th with the People's Choice Awards, in which the nominees and winners are voted on by "the people," and they can vote as many times as they want! Sandra Bullock was the big winner this year, walking away with 4 awards -- I wonder how she ran that campaign?

But the People's Choice is just a warm up for the drunk fest of the year, the Golden Globes, which was aired on January 12th. Winning Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical, American Hustle was the biggest winner here, getting a total of 3 awards including: Amy Adams' Best Actress and Jennifer Lawrence's Best Supporting Awards.

Golden Globe nominees and winners are determined by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- but who exactly is that?

According to my sources, the HFPA is a small but powerful group of international journalists based in Southern California. What? Southern California, is that a foreign land? Well, in a way it is. If you've spent any time there, you know what I mean. Anyway, there are only 90 HFPA members. Their non-profit task is to disseminate information about movies and television to the entire world. Really? Wow!

So, it is these powerful few who ultimately decide on the winners. Winning actors thank them very much, because everyone knows that getting a nod at the Golden Globes can determine who is nominated for an Oscar....

If you'd like to be one of these powerful players in the world of movies, you can apply for membership during February and March. Click here for the HFPA New Member Rules and Instructions.

Following up after the Globes, on January 18th the SAG Awards (or the Naked Actor Awards) created quite a buzz with Dallas Buyers Club, Breaking Bad, and Modern Family actors receiving the most SAG Awards this year.

I love these awards, not only because they are naked, but because all SAG (now SAG-AFTRA) members can vote on the actors that they felt did the best in their respective categories. As a SAG-AFTRA member myself, I get to participate in choosing the winners from the nominees. But how are they nominated in the first place.....? That's the question!

Well, SAG Awards nominees are determined by a smaller group of SAG-AFTRA members who are randomly selected threw a drawing in April of the paid-up members. Those chosen become The Screen Actors Awards Theatrical Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees. Each committee is made up of 2200 members who review the "For Your Consideration" films and television shows for nominations.

Winning a SAG award is, in my estimation, one of the best indicators of your craft since actors know when acting is real, and we can be our own harshest judges.

BUT the truth is, all of these awards pale in comparison to the press and popularity that comes with winning an Oscar. But we have to wait...the Academy Awards are not aired until March 2nd this year, though the nominees are out now.

Oscar nominees and winners are determined by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which contains roughly 6,000 voting members. The Academy is a professional honorary organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of motion pictures. In order to become a member you must qualify. FIRST, you must be a film artist or crafts-person working in one or more of the sixteen art form's key creative areas (Acting, Directing, Music, Sound, Design, Costume Design, etc.), AND SECOND, your work must represent an unusually high level of quality and distinction....whatever that means.

Nominations for the Oscars are chosen from qualified submissions, and all voting (for both nominees and winners) is done by secret ballots, which are tabulated by a firm of certified public accountants designated by the Academy President. This is why no one knows who the winners are until the envelope is opened on the night of the Awards Ceremony. And almost no one knew, until now, that the very first Oscars awarded were made of chocolate*, now they are made of solid gold.

So, there you have it.

* The statement about the first Oscars awards being made of chocolate may be completely made up, but you can get Chocolate Oscars to present to the winners at your personal Oscar Awards party.

Enjoy Awards Season 2014!! And don't miss the Oscars on March 2nd, 2014.

Cinderella on Broadway: as magical as ever!

2013-08-03 21.19.22

I went to see the revival of Rogers and Hammerstein's CINDERELLA on Broadway a few weeks ago and fell in love all over again. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a good love story, but I know this musical inside out, and have since I was a child. I grew up watching it, listening to it, and singing every song . . . in my own little corner.

I admit I was a little skeptical when I heard that they had "updated" it, especially given my familiarity, and childlike awe for this musical. It's kinda like love, the second time you fall it's almost never as powerful or wondrous as that first magic crush. So you really don't want to go, if it's just going to hurt. Trust me, I've had devastating revival-depression before (See my review of the 25th anniversary reworked version of LES MIZ). 

But Musical Theatre is my one true love, so I put my fears aside and went. I even let myself feel hopeful enthusiasm along with of all the other audience members. As we entered the theatre, I was filled with anticipation. I was so excited about the possibility of being swept off my feet again, I bought myself the Cinderella tiara from the theatre souvenir counter. AND I wore it, feeling as if I was going to the Ball to meet my Prince.

Uh-oh! I'm in trouble now. Worried that revival might break my heart beyond repair, I took my seat. 

Then, something amazing happened. The overture began and, suddenly, I was lost in the music. Played flawlessly by the orchestra, it sounded even better than I remembered -- perhaps it's the new orchestration. Still, I knew every note and had to bite my tongue not to sing out the news!

If you are unable to view video on your devise, push the play to watch the Cinderella on Broadway Trailer. Play-button-red

"It's possible, it's possible!" I was completely caught up in the show from overture to ovation. It was as magical as I had dreamed it could be.

I love the updates too, they all were perfectly consistent with truth of the story, and the real meaning behind love.

Cinderella's strength came through in Laura Osnes' performance. Her voice is Disney beautiful, as is she. Osnes is very believable as a girl who has found a way to make her lot in life (being basically her step-mothers and sisters handmaid) tolerable. Without an ounce of bitterness, this Cinderella is smart. She finds joy in reading and learning, and never falls victim to playing the victim to her circumstances. Instead, because of her own understanding of limitations, she is kind and empathetic towards others. This quality come through in her desire to help people champion their causes to make their lives better. Laura Osne's Cinderella comes a cross as sincere -- a girl who dreams, yet sees the world realistically. (Side-note: I also absolutely LOVED Laura Osnes as Bonnie in Frank Wildhorn's BONNIE & CLYDE.)

The prince, played by Santino Fontana, is just plain funny. His voice is so gorgeous, it's enchanting. If he wanted to sing to me all day, I might even consider marrying him, too. Though this prince has his own reservations about running the kingdom, it is clear that he will never be truly great without Cinderella's savvy. Nice touch, new book writer, Douglass Carter Beane!

Speaking of the new book, I loved that there was a new character added, Jean-Michell (Greg Hildreth), who challenges the prince to make the kingdom a better one while also providing another quirky love-storyline with one of the "evil" step-sisters, Gabielle (Marla Mindellle). I didn't even mind that Ann Harada's Charlotte is the only one singing the Sister's Lament. She's funny and endearing in her evil ways. But one of the best played under-appreciated roles was Lord Pinkleton (Phumzile Sojola), his voice is delicious and his demeanor is hilariously formal in his tights.  

2013-08-03 20.10.50

The visual impact of the show is magical - from the set, designed by Anna Louizos (See my illegally taken photo of the stage), to William Ivey Long's stunning costumes (pictured below, behind me and my friend outside the theatre) Amazingly, every magic transformation happens on stage -- right in front of the audience. No lighting tricks necessary when there is true magic. This is the stuff of real theatre. This is why we love Broadway Musicals.

Don't miss the magic! From cast to music, from book to setting, there is nothing but wonder to be had with this brilliant production of Rogers and Hammerstein's CINDERELLA. We all deserve a night at the Ball.

A Lovely Night!

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Adventures in Arkansas


Dear Fans,

I have a special treat for you!

While working on a film called Valley Inn this summer, I spent the entire month of July in Arkansas. I never could have imagined that Arkansas is so full of excitement. From the "Sale Barn" (where they auction off live cattle), to the Rodeo of the Ozarks (where they take them down), to the Little O' Oprey in West Fork (where country music lives) -- I had so many new adventures, I can hardly count them all.

Watch this Video, so you too can capture a bit of the fun and magic of this amazing culture, which I was lucky enough to be a small part of this summer. Arkansas, I love you!

Yes, ya'll, that's me singing and yodeling like the country music star I always wanted to be! 

The sound on my video is from my friend Brooks, who filmed my performance on his iPhone. The actual video from his phone was blurry so I added my own video to his sound -- most of which was taken on my iPhone -- isn't technology grand.

My costume only looks so good because Leslie Pennel (co-costume designer for the Valley Inn film), is a brilliant stylist. That girl is a beauty herself, and she can make anybody look good. In fact, she does so all the time with her own fashion designs called ESQUE. I'll be reviewing her beautiful designs an upcoming post -- be on the look out for that so you too can look fantastic. And remember what Red says, "It not how you feel, it's how you look that matters!"

The many other faces in my video are some of the brilliant people I met during my journey southward, I cannot name them all (or I'll have to kill you), but I will say....Here's my howler, Tausha! 

Now, I have to take a moment here to shout out to The Little O' Oprey Band. An amazing group of talent, ranging in age from preteen to post-older, they are incredible and gracious musicians. Making music with them was my favorite time in Arkansas. I'm so honored that I could be apart of their show, even if it was just make-believe. I say that because I was only singing as my character, Marlene, for the Valley Inn film. Hopefully, the Little O' Oprey will have me back someday. In fact, they did ask for my number because they wanted to see if they could book me for some of their regular shows. I sure hope the fact that I'm currently living in Manhattan doesn't get in the way of my Country Music Career!! 

When the  Valley Inn movie comes out you can see me on the big screen, playing the role of Marlene. She's the town tart, don't you know! What can I say . . . type casting. (To watch my video audition for Valley Inn Film CLICK HERE.)  

That's all for now....but have no fear there will be more fun adventures to come! If you know me at all, you know there is never a dull moment in my life.

Kisses. . .

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Where's Red been?

I know you missed all my wonderful words of wisdom, since I've taken a little break from blogging. But I'm back now--and better than where have I been?

Let's review the last year of fun and success, starting with my 2012 New Years resolutions:

1) I made a promise to myself to make a consious commitment to live each day as if it's the only day I have. 

2) I resolved to do all the things that I've always wanted to, but never have.

As far as #1. I think I was fairly successful at this resolution, which I promise to continue into 2013.

But New Years resolution #2 was a bit more of a challenge.

I admit that I didn't do EVERYTHING I always wanted to do but never have... but I did do some significant things towards making that happen.

One of the things I've always wanted to was live in Venice...Venice, Italy, that is, since I've already basically lived in Venice, CA. To make this dream a reality, I thought that going there for a visit, would be a great starting point. In June of 2012, I did just that...went for a visit.

Documented in this Video scrapbook.

What I found out from that exciting trip around Europe, which included many places I'd never seen before, was that I really don't want to live in Venice.....I want to live in Paris.

I've also always wanted to hang-glide. It's been a dream of mine, probably because I've always felt free as a bird. So why not fly like one? Unfortunately, this did not happen either in 2012, but I did find a potential hang-gliding buddy. Who knows, maybe in 2013, I can meet this goal!

And last, but certainly not least, I promised myself that 2012 would be the year that I would address unresolved issues with those I love. However, since this is not a goal that I can meet without the cooperation of others, I was -- sadly -- unable to do so. But I did I make every effort to "unakward" these situations. I tried to contact those with whom my relationships have not been good, for one reason or another....reasons that no longer seem to matter, in an attempt to mend things. I reached out, even when reaching out was scary, and hard, and uncomfortable. I figure I did my best; I cannot blame myself if the other party involved was unwilling to move to the other side of our differences, so I think I'm justified in feeling positive about this resolution.

Don't worry, I'll keep trying in 2013, and for the rest of my life to make things right with people who mean something to me. Life is too short to let its silly tips and turns ruin relationships or get in the way of the tender connection I have with those I love. Since I truly appreciate that everyone of us is a fragile being by nature, with a deep need to feel validated and admired, I will never give up on this resolution--no matter how many years it takes.

I always try to keep in mind that each moment is too precious to ignore the things that matter. Life is not trivial. It is too short to let it be routine.

So for 2013, my resolution is to blog more so I can keep you all informed and entertained with my silly, irrelevant, and insightful posts.



New iPhone Game by Red coming out for Halloween: THE RED WITCH

Who doesn't love Halloween? It's about that time, and The Red Witch is coming. To celebrate my favorite holiday, I've developed a fun, new novelty game for your iPhone. Now available on iPhone at the App Store.

App icon

Yes, this game stars me as The Red Witch -- I look hot in a witch outfit, don't you think!

Get ready to take over the universe using flying monkeys in THE RED WITCH GAME, and you can too can be the ruler of the universe! This easy to play game is fun for everyone who loves to fly and win! 

Watch video and see how to much fun to play.

all rights reserved © 2012 

Get "The Red Witch" by Reds World now! To view all games by Red click <Here>

For Your Birthday

Red bday wishI wanted to wish you a very Happy and Magical Birthday! You know who you are and why I'm doing this here. You're very special to me and though we cannot be in each others lives the way we were, I'll always care deeply for you. May this year bring all the wonders you deserve!

Here's a song . . .

"Far Away" Preformed by Red

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