Valentine's Day Surprises

Heart in my handDear Valentines (all of you who read and love my blog):

I enjoy Valentine's Day! It's a magical time . . . and romantical too, I guess.

It is rare that I have a Valentine of my very own, but that doesn't stop me from taking this special day to celebrating love, romance and chocolate! Though I've given up on most of these treasures as a daily part of my life, today I got a little of each -- without even trying!

And that's why I love V-Day, and all of you!

Here's hoping your Valentine's Day is as sweet as the chocolate I'm eating!

Chocolate kisses . . .


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Where's Red been?

I know you missed all my wonderful words of wisdom, since I've taken a little break from blogging. But I'm back now--and better than where have I been?

Let's review the last year of fun and success, starting with my 2012 New Years resolutions:

1) I made a promise to myself to make a consious commitment to live each day as if it's the only day I have. 

2) I resolved to do all the things that I've always wanted to, but never have.

As far as #1. I think I was fairly successful at this resolution, which I promise to continue into 2013.

But New Years resolution #2 was a bit more of a challenge.

I admit that I didn't do EVERYTHING I always wanted to do but never have... but I did do some significant things towards making that happen.

One of the things I've always wanted to was live in Venice...Venice, Italy, that is, since I've already basically lived in Venice, CA. To make this dream a reality, I thought that going there for a visit, would be a great starting point. In June of 2012, I did just that...went for a visit.

Documented in this Video scrapbook.

What I found out from that exciting trip around Europe, which included many places I'd never seen before, was that I really don't want to live in Venice.....I want to live in Paris.

I've also always wanted to hang-glide. It's been a dream of mine, probably because I've always felt free as a bird. So why not fly like one? Unfortunately, this did not happen either in 2012, but I did find a potential hang-gliding buddy. Who knows, maybe in 2013, I can meet this goal!

And last, but certainly not least, I promised myself that 2012 would be the year that I would address unresolved issues with those I love. However, since this is not a goal that I can meet without the cooperation of others, I was -- sadly -- unable to do so. But I did I make every effort to "unakward" these situations. I tried to contact those with whom my relationships have not been good, for one reason or another....reasons that no longer seem to matter, in an attempt to mend things. I reached out, even when reaching out was scary, and hard, and uncomfortable. I figure I did my best; I cannot blame myself if the other party involved was unwilling to move to the other side of our differences, so I think I'm justified in feeling positive about this resolution.

Don't worry, I'll keep trying in 2013, and for the rest of my life to make things right with people who mean something to me. Life is too short to let its silly tips and turns ruin relationships or get in the way of the tender connection I have with those I love. Since I truly appreciate that everyone of us is a fragile being by nature, with a deep need to feel validated and admired, I will never give up on this resolution--no matter how many years it takes.

I always try to keep in mind that each moment is too precious to ignore the things that matter. Life is not trivial. It is too short to let it be routine.

So for 2013, my resolution is to blog more so I can keep you all informed and entertained with my silly, irrelevant, and insightful posts.



Valentine's Kisses for All!

Valentine 2012Dear You:

It's that time of year again! Valentine's Day! Love is in the air, and everyone is thinking about something romantic to do. Well, I have an idea...


It's the most romantic way of sharing your love. I'll never forget when I had my first mind-blowing kiss from a man who made my knees weak and my heart beat faster. No, it wasn't my first kiss ever; an awkward smushing of mouths together by an inexperienced teen. I'm talking about that magic kiss that changes your heart and makes the world a more beautiful place - romantic right?

You know what I'm talking about!

So, for Valentine's I have to honor that amazing kiss; the one changes us from the inside out, or is it the outside in? At anyrate, it changes us forever. I give special kisses to all of you who know that kind of romance and celebrate it!

May you enjoy your Valentine's Day! Kiss those you love and remember those you have always wanted to kiss again.


P.S. Red's Kissing Game will premier soon right here on Red's World. Yes, I make Games!

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New Years = New Dreams

Red ToastI raise my glass in a toast to 2012 and to the New Year making its way around the world, as I write. In Sydney, after a difficult 2011, this coming year has been deemed "a time to dream." For me, this theme rings true.

When I review the accomplishments of my life, as I do each year, I'm astonished and grateful for my good fortune. For the most part, I have had the freedom and the opportunity to do most everything I've ever wanted. I've tried nearly everything I've dreamed of, and lived in nearly every location that I've desired to.

I attribute my success, not only to the fact that I've been blessed with a charmed life, but also to the fact that I've never allowed circumstances to limit me. Despite any obsitcles, I maintain my belief in magic and trust that I can have, or do, anything. Fear has not held me back from any endeavor, no matter how unlikely it is to be a success. Sidney

For the first time in many years, I have spent some serious time considering what I want to gain in the year ahead. So, rather than simply making my usual resolutions - to wear more mini-skirts or to celebrate the fun of living with more vigor - this year, my New Years Resolution includes taking on the challenge of fulfilling certain dreams for myself. My list is short, but important. What's on the list is not what makes it significant. My attitude that life will not be ordinary, is what makes it so.

I resolve that 2012 is the year that I will do all the things that I've always wanted to, but never have. I do this because life is a gift that is not trivial. This year, I am determined to live each day as if it's the only day I have. Life is too short to let it be routine. Each moment is too precious to set aside the things that matter.

As a reward for living as if my life and my wishes are of the most monumental concern, I've been surrounded by magical and amazing people that never falter. 

2012, here I come! This year I will fly; I will soar; I will run; I will roar. Watch me live!! Nyeballfinal

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Red's Flying Sled: A Christmas Adventure

Dear Fans,

This year for Christmas, I have something really special for you. A video game that you can play on your computer, starring me!! (This game is not yet optimized for tables or smart phones.)

Sounds fun, right?

Below is the embed for the video game. If the graphics are washed out, try a different browser. If you want to see the entire game without having to scroll at the bottom go to: Red's Flying Sled: A Christmas Adventure.

Enjoy playing with Red and have a very Merry Christmas!



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Looking forward...

It's reflections and resolutions that make this time of year full of opportunities and optimism.

It's the end of the year and most of us take this time to look back over what we've done and what we'd like to do different in the year a head. It gives us a chance to redo and this year...I'm taking the opportunity for a do over. 

I need some magic in my I'm going to create some in the coming year.

We need a little Red Christmas!!

Christmas card It's time...we need  a little Red Christmas.

So I dressed for the holiday and sang about it.

And I made this card for you to just click on it, print it out and send it to all your friend so Santa will fill their Stocking! ➔➔➔➔➔







Watch A little Red Christmas Video


Merry Christmas!

kisses, Red


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