2013 Emmy's: A Musical Funtime Event

I watched the Emmy's tonight because I love TV Shows (and of course movies and webcasts). It is my business. And what a business it is! But my true love is Musicals so this Emmy Show was great fun for me. Below I've selected the best moments, and my personal picks as winners for you're entertainment.

And the Emmy winner is: Neil Patrick Harris for Best Musical Awards Show!!

Play-button-redPush play here to view video if you cannot view it on your device.

And just when you think the music has ended he adds a musical dance number for and by the nominees for Best Choreography....

Play-button-redPush play here to view video if you cannot view it on your device.

Best acceptance speech: Merritt Wever

Play-button-redPush play here to view video if you cannot view it on your device.

Now you've seen all the best parts of the show!!  

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For Your Birthday

Red bday wishI wanted to wish you a very Happy and Magical Birthday! You know who you are and why I'm doing this here. You're very special to me and though we cannot be in each others lives the way we were, I'll always care deeply for you. May this year bring all the wonders you deserve!

Here's a song . . .

"Far Away" Preformed by Red

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New Years = New Dreams

Red ToastI raise my glass in a toast to 2012 and to the New Year making its way around the world, as I write. In Sydney, after a difficult 2011, this coming year has been deemed "a time to dream." For me, this theme rings true.

When I review the accomplishments of my life, as I do each year, I'm astonished and grateful for my good fortune. For the most part, I have had the freedom and the opportunity to do most everything I've ever wanted. I've tried nearly everything I've dreamed of, and lived in nearly every location that I've desired to.

I attribute my success, not only to the fact that I've been blessed with a charmed life, but also to the fact that I've never allowed circumstances to limit me. Despite any obsitcles, I maintain my belief in magic and trust that I can have, or do, anything. Fear has not held me back from any endeavor, no matter how unlikely it is to be a success. Sidney

For the first time in many years, I have spent some serious time considering what I want to gain in the year ahead. So, rather than simply making my usual resolutions - to wear more mini-skirts or to celebrate the fun of living with more vigor - this year, my New Years Resolution includes taking on the challenge of fulfilling certain dreams for myself. My list is short, but important. What's on the list is not what makes it significant. My attitude that life will not be ordinary, is what makes it so.

I resolve that 2012 is the year that I will do all the things that I've always wanted to, but never have. I do this because life is a gift that is not trivial. This year, I am determined to live each day as if it's the only day I have. Life is too short to let it be routine. Each moment is too precious to set aside the things that matter.

As a reward for living as if my life and my wishes are of the most monumental concern, I've been surrounded by magical and amazing people that never falter. 

2012, here I come! This year I will fly; I will soar; I will run; I will roar. Watch me live!! Nyeballfinal

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Red's Flying Sled: A Christmas Adventure

Dear Fans,

This year for Christmas, I have something really special for you. A video game that you can play on your computer, starring me!! (This game is not yet optimized for tables or smart phones.)

Sounds fun, right?

Below is the embed for the video game. If the graphics are washed out, try a different browser. If you want to see the entire game without having to scroll at the bottom go to: Red's Flying Sled: A Christmas Adventure.

Enjoy playing with Red and have a very Merry Christmas!



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Living in a Bubble

Bubble I live in a bubble. 

You ever been on a film set? It's a world all to nothing else.
It's like being stranded on an island with it's own society that has it's own language, rules and expectations. It's kinda amazing. 


And if you live in that world you know that regular people can never understand the life we lead. Especially, if it's an away job - on some location far away from our natural habitat. Not that it has to be many miles away. A movie set is always far away from a regular life experience, no matter where we shoot.


However, for the past month I've been shooting in another state, and beyond that, the set has absolutely no phone service and there has been minimal time for emailing and blogging. The only way I'm able to get the time/service to write this post is by not sleeping after an 14 hour day that ended Saturday morning. I came home for a short weekend (time outside the bubble). And even though most of my weekend is spent preparing to return to the bubble, I decided to forgo sleep so I could write, while out of the bubble, to try to express the wonders of the movie industry. 


Making a movie is nothing like anyone would imagine. The hours are brutal (we consider 12 hour days, a short day) and when we have a 9am call (start time) we consider it a late start -- so partying ensues the night before any day, but especially a "late call" day. Days start anywhere from 4am to 4pm (depending on if we need the light of the sun or the dark of the night for exterior shots that day). And we work until the work is mater how long it takes - mostly.


On a movie set, each department has their own, very specific, jobs that do not overlap with other departments but dovetail with them to make each shot the best it can be. Like a beehive with each worker bee (department) working on only their task. This makes for a very efficient team - as long as each department is skilled in their particular duties. We work separately but in coordination with each other to get the job done. 


Movies don't generally take place at only one location, so we are much like the circus or like carnies...moving everything swiftly from place to place - carrying our show with us. Movie people are mobile!


But that's just the job part of the bubble, which sets the hierarchy of the mini-culture of a set. Then there's the social factors that create this world, where people who have never met before are suddenly working closely, trusting each other to make it all happen. 


Instant intimacy occurs, fast-friendships are developed within days of shooting and secrets are not secretes. Everyone plays hard together after each day of everything and everyone you experience happens inside this bubble. 


It's truly a world of movie magic, because the passion of making something creative colors the mood or the milieu of the set culture. There is nothing in this creative bubble world that is impossible. And we insiders have no choice but to live in the moment. We know that we will never have this specific experience with these same people, or this same project again. It is a finite world. Each set culture lasts as long as it takes to shoot it and then it is gone. 


So, if you've missed me lately, thinking that I've been radio silent...that's where I've been. I'm going back to the bubble now...see you on the other side!!

Winning Hearts, Minds and Medals at the 2010 Olympics

Red and Johnny Weir win hearts, minds and medals at the 2010 Olympics with thier stunning performance of "Fire and Ice" in the New Figure Skating event: The Perfection Skate Competition.

Fire and Ice

When Johnny Weir was scandalously underscored for his brilliant performance of "Fallen Angel" in the Men's Figure Skating Competition (putting him in 6th place for that event), something unexpected occured. Never discouraged, Johnny spontaneously decided to partner with Red for in a combination that was spell binding. JohnnyWeir

Thier chemistry, freedom and magic was palpable as they skated their way to Gold, being the first American skating pair to win in Perfection Skating.





The new Olympic Event came into being,spontaneously, as a result of audience demands for perfection on ice.


And who better to embody the essence of this sport than these two representatives of perfection? Judges and audience alike, were mesmerized by Red and Johnny in every way.

It appears that these two shining stars were destined for Gold. 

People I Love Who Love Me: a Thanksgiving tribute.

There are so many people and experiences that I'm grateful for. And since this seems to be the time of year when we feel moved to celebrate that, in honor of all the wonderful people in my life I put together this short Thanksgiving video for all to enjoy. (If you cannot view the video click here.) Thank you...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my loves and to all my fans!

Disclaimer: There are some of you out there (you know who you are), who hold a special place in my heart but I could not find an appropriate picture to share. I love you and I'm so grateful to have all of you in my life, whether or not you are pictured here!

A Romantic Night...Love Songs with James Barbour

James Barbour001 Last night I spent a magical night at Sardi's listening to the stunning voice of James Barbour. (Most recently known for his portrayal of Sydney Carton in the Broadway Musical, A Tale of Two Cities.)

He sang me love songs!  Ok, not just me ---

Lucky for you, his Saturday Night's at Sardi's has been extended until March 28. So you too can enjoy the mesmerizing voice of this brilliant talent.

I'll bet he'll even sing you a love song.

James endears himself to the audience with his unassuming manner and enjoyable patter which seems unscripted and natural. Almost like he's just talking with friends, hanging out in his living room by the piano singing.

Using humor to encourage some audience participation he made sure the night had something for everyone. From the Musical Theatre classics (Irving Berlin, Rogers and Hammerstein), to dramatic contemporary ballads (Frank Wildhorn), to pop rock (Styx, and even Captain and Tennille), James showed his range. His engaging presences invited everyone to, not only enjoy the songs, but also to have fun. 

But when he sang...a hush fell. No one wanted to miss a single note!

Here's a little teaser for anyone who is still on the fence about going to see him.

Loving You Keeps Me Alive

James Barbour002

James genuinely brings his joy of song to life in every performance.

But if you're not in New York City and you can't go see his show

live --- don't fret you can still listen...

He has a CD and a blog.

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: A Magical Musical

ATOTC Thank God, Charles Dickens and Jill Santoriello for finally getting a magical, dramatic, tender yet powerful, life-changing musical back on the Broadway stage. It’s been far, far too long that we (the musical theatre loving audience) have been waiting for a story to move us as A TALE OF TWO CITIES does.

From the first stirring swells of the orchestra, to the sweet sound of stunning voices, coupled with the creative set (Tony Walton), lighting (Richard Pilbrow) and costumes (David Zinn), this musical is what Broadway is supposed to be. Story-Kiss

We go to Broadway to be swept away to a place that we cannot go without the magic of  theatre. And this show does exactly that. It's a story about love; true, unselfish, love. Yes, there is romance and passion in every word, look and movement. But beyond that, there is a remarkable blend of suffering and salvation reflected in the familiarity of these characters, superbly expressed through music.  

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Yes, just like everyone else, I’d heard the scathing reviews. And upon hearing this I immediately decided that A TALE OF TWO CITIES was a must see. I never trust the critics. I trust the audience (and my gut).

 Even Richard Ouzounian in his bitter review of the show stated, "The audience stood and cheered at the preview I attended. Some even wept." See, the audience loves the show – it’s only a few, people – unfortunately those with the pen – that didn’t get it. (I often wonder why – but “the psychology of the critic" is a topic for another blog post.)

Creative-Main  All too often, because too many listen to those that are paid to comment on art (rather than those that pay to see a performance), shows suffer and close before their time. And I’m afraid that because of a few cruel and inaccurate assessment of this beautiful story in song, this masterpiece could be driven out of the theatre. So I felt compelled to bring it your attention and ask you to make the choice yourself. Go ahead and see good theatre against the critics advice. With our purchasing power we can buy the ticket that will keep shows like this open and keep Broadway alive.

CriticsThe irony I found in many of the initial reviews, was that they complained that one of the show's major flaws was a similarity to Les Miz. But Les Miz – unarguably the best musical in its genre – changed the nature of Musical Theatre. So to be a musical worthy of such a comparison, speaks volumes to the brilliance of A TALE OF TWO CITIES. In my opinion this is one of the highest complements one can be given when creating an Epic dramatic musical. The fact that Broadway finally has another musical of this nature is reason enough to go running to the theatre to see it.

{Footnote: Les Miz initially received scathing reviews in most of the London papers, but within days of the opening, audiences spread the word and ticket sales sky-rocketed, and it played to sold-out houses from then on. – In my estimation, A TALE OF TWO CITiES audiences will do the same for this show.}

Story-StageBefore I went, I was warned that it was "long" although, surprisingly it didn't feel long at all; I could have sat through hours more of this magnificent production. Before I went, I knew that costumes would be beautiful and the show would be a spectacle (it is an Epic musical, after all, it is based on the Charles Dickens book). And if those were reasons enough to see it – the critics’ attempts to shut it down is the clincher.

This is an event that should not be passed over or slip away.

It celebrates the best and the worst of the human condition. It not only portrays inner struggles of one man but it inspires. Because it expresses the power of making life-changing choices as a result of our connections to those we love, A TALE OF TWO CITES is more than just a Broadway show, it’s an poignant and thrilling experience.

Until Tomorrow

 Go see the greatest musical on Broadway today. A TALE OF TWO CITIES, it's amazing!