Money Money Money

$pend your time and your money wi$ely.

Fastmoney Money. It comes and goes. We spend so much time worrying about where we'll get it and if we'll have enough and if we can afford it. What a waist of time and life!!

All too often I've seen people live for the Almighty Dollar. It rules their every decision and their state of mind. Most people are living in accordance with what they think they can't do, rather than what they want to do. Now, I'm not saying be stupid and run your credit cards up, and get into terrible debt, and feel overwhelmed with bills. I'm saying if you live as if you can't have anything - then you can't. Live in abundance and you'll have abundance.

Maybe I'm just lucky - or - as my accountant says, I'm a financial genius. Because, I don't really make a lot of money, but I live like I do. I travel when I want, I have what I want and I choose a career in the arts - I'm an Actress (live theatre being my true love) - where there is little opportunity to get rich. (Hence, the term starving artist.) But, if I took my financial situation into consideration, when making a career decision, I'd have never had the rich experience of living my dream and having a passion filled life. Yes, it's risky but I've found it to be well worth the risk.

In fact, I've taken financial risks - some have panned out some have not. I've invested in things I love and I've spent money on people I love, even when I really didn't have it for myself. And guess what? The rewards are endless. What I'm absolutely sure of is that I will always have enough money. Remember, it comes and goes. There is always more coming. Believe it.

Be smart with your money, yes, but don't be ruled by it when it comes to your life. If you think you can't afford to take my advise, you're wrong. Moneyrolls_2

To have a truly rich life, you can't afford not to.